Best-in-class Lab Business Management Platform

Optimize laboratory operations and performance with the industry’s most advanced interoperability, patient engagement and analytics platform.

EHR Connector™

A streamlined experience for labs and ordering providers

  • One-click lab orders
  • Automated test results
  • Integration with leading EHRs
  • Timely billing and revenue cycle
  • Customizable to lab’s workflow
  • Accelerated business growth due to a more efficient and improved provider experience

Laboratory Intelligence™

Business intelligence + Analytics + Data Visualization → Actionable Insights

  • Gain insights into which customers and tests are the most profitable for your organization.
  • Turn your existing data into actionable insights to help grow, operate and optimize your business.
  • The Lab Intelligence™ dashboard supports creating best practices for long-term visions and strategic growth.

Test Tracker™

Automated test tracking and results meet consumer demand

  • Transparent, accessible results enhance the patient experience to attract and retain loyal customers
  • Reduce phone calls and eliminate manual processes
  • Keep patients and providers informed every step of the way

Good Faith Estimator™

Cost transparency leads to fewer surprises

  • Patients see their recommended tests and associated costs upfront, increasing the likelihood of timely payments and more satisfied users
  • Increases adherence with the No Surprises Act
  • Saves providers the time and hassle of responding to patients’ billing inquiries

Connectivity Benefits Everyone


  • Cloud-based automation of the entire testing life cycle
  • Launch within days and scale quickly
  • Digital chain of custody capabilities let you know exactly where your specimens are
  • Faster, accurate data for optimized revenue cycle
  • Testing compliance for population health
  • Easily adhere to the No Surprises Act final rule

Ordering Providers

  • Efficient, one-click lab ordering
  • Seamless integration with leading EHRs and any LIS or LIMS within weeks
  • Less time spent responding to patient calls and tracking down test status and results
  • Easily comply with cost transparency regulations


  • Customizable, paperless patient experiences
  • Price transparency and good faith estimates
  • Online registration and scheduling

Direct to Consumer (DTC)

A flexible solution for creating multiple customized patient journeys.
An example of how an end-to-end journey might look:

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