Population Health Management

Keep Your Populations Safe And Compliant with Your Organization’s Policies

PreciseMDX Population Health is a turn-key solution for managing your populations’ health tests and vaccination status according to your health policies.

Maximize policies adherence

Real-time monitoring of your populations’ test and vaccination status keeps you abreast of their adherence to your health policies.

Minimize costs of population health management

Using the most advanced solution, the resources and effort you need to invest are as minimal as they can be.

Ensure safe and healthy spaces

Controlling entry to your spaces - offices, buildings, classrooms, lounges - can be enhanced using individual digital health cards and QR codes to ensure adherence to policies.

Lower employee health-related costs

When your populations’ health is under control and managed efficiently, health-related costs drop.

Complete population health & compliance management:

Business Agility

Customizable health policies for multiple populations

Define and customize multiple policies to track populations’ health status in line with the business needs and rules, such as vaccination, periodic health exams, and other health certificates.

Easy populations setup and import

Easy user setup via digital self-registration, rosters and lists import, and via API integration.

Adherence & Compliance

Real-time policy adherence monitoring

Use informative dashboards to stay on top of the compliance level of your organization and various populations with the policies. Ensure broad participation in policy implementation by delegating dashboard access to internal and external users to view specific populations’ data.

Identification and mitigation of compliance risks

Know ahead of time about potential policy compliance issues and mitigate risks early.

Proactive handling of non-compliant individuals

Automatic messaging to individuals about potential policy non-compliance and the required actions.

Health-Safe Spaces

Individual health passports for paperless Entry Control

Ensure individuals enter your spaces according to your health policies by verifying their health status.