Digital Shipping Kits for At-Home or On-Site Diagnostic Testing

LOS ANGELESOct. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PreciseMDX, the leading end-to-end digital health platform for laboratories that automates and simplifies the diagnostic testing experience, announces today digital shipping kits for at-home or on-site diagnostic tests designed to streamline testing for patients, labs, and clinicians. These digital diagnostic testing kits enable the patient, lab and provider to track the entire testing process, from start to finish, for more efficient and faster results.

COVID-19 changed the way patients view healthcare, with the rise of telehealth more individuals are taking control of the healthcare experience and many labs are providing at-home testing kits to complement the increase in remote care. PreciseMDX has digitized the entire experience, providing a customized user journey where patients scan a QR code on the kits that connects them to the lab and prescribing provider so that everyone is notified that the testing has begun.

PreciseMDX’s end-to-end solution provides transparency to all parties involved – informing the patient that the lab received the specimen, initiating the billing process with the insurance company, and notifying the provider and patient of the results. PreciseMDX manages the specimen’s chain of custody through an automated system so that labs, patients, and medical personnel can track their kits and receive results instantaneously.

“In the age of Amazon and Uber, patients, providers, and labs want their healthcare experience to have the same type of digitization and efficiency,” says Mark Dorner, co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of PreciseMDX. “PreciseMDX updates the diagnostic testing process from an archaic experience where patients wait endlessly for results to one that provides full transparency and tracking abilities the entire way through. With PreciseMDX the diagnostic testing experience is modernized to what patients experience in all other areas of their lives.”

The PreciseMDX solution supports any type of diagnostic test, including: women’s & men’s health (fertility, prenatal, cancer, testosterone), sexual health (STIs, HPV, UTI), wellness/nutrition (nutrition DNA kit, food allergy/intolerances), COVID-19 testing, respiratory, nail fungal wound panels, and vaccines. PreciseMDX also provides multi-channel support so that patients can get test kits in the provider’s office, over the counter, via the mail, vending machines, or various collection and drop-off sites.

PreciseMDX follows the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) security framework to support HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and other international standards.

About PreciseMDX:

PreciseMDX empowers labs to deliver a transformative digital health experience that providers and patients expect. Much more than a portal, PreciseMDX is an end-to-end digital health ecosystem that automates and simplifies every step of the diagnostic testing experience, leveraging the ubiquitous power and convenience of mobile device technology. PreciseMDX brings over 20 years of digital transformation know-how from prior roles in healthcare, government, and other industries to solve customers’ biggest data management and patient engagement needs. The company works with customers worldwide including the United StatesSwitzerland, and Canada. PreciseMDX is based in Los Angeles, CA, and is privately funded.




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