Platform addition is the latest integration by the Salt Lake City-based molecular lab set to improve the patient experience during PCR and diagnostic testing

PALO ALTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 21, 2022 / PreciseMDX, a leader in transformative digital health experiences, and Vanguard Laboratories, a PCR molecular lab, today announced the integration of the PreciseMDX digital health platform to drive, track and improve testing throughout the patient journey. The customizable PreciseMDX platform integrates seamlessly with Vanguard Laboratories’ existing laboratory information management (LIM) system, serving as one cohesive unit to enhance PCR and diagnostic testing operations. This integration will enable Vanguard Laboratories to expand its services while offering its patients greater visibility and insight into the testing process, further enhancing the accuracy and speed of their PCR molecular testing operations.

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 70 percent of medical decisions depend on laboratory results. It’s labs like Vanguard that are working hard to deliver those results faster and more accurately than ever before,” said Mark Dorner, co-founder and CEO of PreciseMDX. “The PreciseMDX digital health ecosystem is armed with best-in-class digital health software for testing and population health management, which allow our customers to focus on expanding their business through better patient care. Our platform supports the diverse types of PCR and diagnostic testing provided by Vanguard, helping them meet patients where they are with customizable journeys from start to finish.”

PreciseMDX takes the complexity out of high-volume testing programs so lab customers can focus on producing quick, quality results for their patients. The platform allows diagnostic laboratories and healthcare systems to lower operational costs on hardware, software development and maintenance, shipping, and fulfillment while raising profitability. PreciseMDX’s platform was designed and built following the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) security framework to support HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and other international standards.

“Turnaround time is crucial to providing the best patient care. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in advanced diagnostic testing technology to cut down valuable transition time from the time the patient is tested to the time results are received,” said Nathan Keele, CEO of Vanguard Laboratories. “Accuracy is even more important, which is why we focus solely on PCR testing versus the outdated culturing methods that many labs still rely on. We recognize that it’s time for patients to have greater visibility and insight into the testing process, and with the help of PreciseMDX’s digital health solution, we’re making that happen.”

About PreciseMDX

PreciseMDX empowers labs to deliver a transformative digital health experience that providers and patients expect. Much more than a portal, the PreciseMDX platform creates an end-to-end digital health ecosystem that automates and simplifies every step of the diagnostic testing experience, leveraging the ubiquitous power and convenience of mobile device technology. PreciseMDX brings more than 20 years of digital transformation know-how from prior roles in healthcare, government, and other industries to solve customers’ biggest data management and patient engagement needs. Founded in 2020, the Silicon Valley-based company works with customers worldwide including the United States, Switzerland and Canada. For more information, visit

About Vanguard Laboratories

Vanguard Laboratories was founded to lead the next generation of clinical testing. The company delivers full-service molecular PCR testing solutions to long-term care facilities, physicians’ offices, hospitals, schools, and businesses across the country. Their product catalog spans a variety of molecular and genetic testing including COVID Antigen testing, respiratory panels, UTI panels, wound care, vaginal microbiota, sexually transmitted infections and fungal. For more information, email or visit


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