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Unified, modern lab business management solution designed to enable labs of all sizes and complexities achieve their full potential.

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The intelligent way to manage and optimize the lab business

With PreciseMDX, lab revenue numbers go up, costs drop down, provider & patient satisfaction improves, and your lab becomes more successful than ever!

Increase Revenue

Capture more earned revenue by boosting revenue cycle effectiveness through maximizing data quality in real-time and automatic information correction.

Reduce cost and improve efficiency

Raise staff productivity and eliminate 90% of the manual work via digitizing all processes, automating your specific workflows, and utilizing AI.

Maximize business potential

Track and improve business performance and operational processes via analytics-driven actionable insights and smart dashboards.

Delight providers and patients

Offer a digital experience that is modern and engaging, designed to make submitting orders and receiving results by providers effortless, and to provide patients with the responsiveness and transparency they expect.

Connect and cooperate

Easily connect to all ecosystem partners and systems, such as LISs/LIMSs, providers’ and clinics’ EHRs, billing systems, payment gateways, data curation and augmentation sources, reference labs, self-test kit providers, and more.

Launch quickly and stay agile

Be live and running within days, regardless of your organization’s size, complexity, and test volume. Using the solution’s robust self-configuration tools, effortlessly create and adjust workflows, set up new test types, configure data collection journeys, manage automation rules, and more.

Create the digital testing experience they expect

Create the digital testing experience they expect

  • Staff

    Utilize AI, optimize workflows and reduce repetitive manual tasks to improve staff satisfaction and retention.
  • Providers

    Reduce physician burnout by optimizing their administrative, financial, and clinical workflows.
  • Patients

    Keep patients happy with the streamlined, on-demand digital services they expect.

Robust enterprise lab management solution for every testing situation

Any lab

Independent, physician-owned, hospital labs, etc.

Any test

Pathology, molecular, oncology, toxicology, genetics, and more.

Any volume

Unlimited scalability of test volumes, test types, locations, external partners, etc.

Any complexity

Simple and complex test types, single and multiple locations, direct-to-consumer services, etc.

"The impact of this software on our pathology lab has been extraordinary. By customizing workflows, managing multiple locations seamlessly, and automating routing, we have achieved a new level of operational efficiency and speed. It has revolutionized our ability to deliver accurate results, ultimately enhancing patient care."

Marc Ingram
Co-Founder & CEO
Convergent Laboratories

“As a partner, PreciseMDX is unparalleled. They not only met our expectations, but they exceeded them, which is rare for a software company. They are the only partner we have that has delivered on their promises.”

Nathan Keele
Founder & CEO
Vanguard Laboratories

“Using the PreciseMDX platform has transformed our lab and brought us into the future. We now have a clear differentiator in the market.”

Dr. Michael Schlachter
Freedom Medical Group

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The PreciseMDX Difference

Unified comprehensive solution

Unparalleled success with our unified best-in-class solution, covering every aspect of lab business management and creating a streamlined future.

Agility and flexibility

Adaptable platform accommodating evolving needs, from new test types to expanding services and changing regulations, offering agility and scalability to keep your lab always ahead.


Modern software solution utilizing the most advanced technologies to elevate your lab and set you on a path of sustained success.

Easy Integration Throughout the Entire Lab Ecosystem

Spanning the entire laboratory ecosystem, the product seamlessly integrates with all relevant partners and systems, including lab information systems (LIMS/LIS), EMRs, fulfillment companies, billing and RCM platforms, payment services, test kit providers, and other business systems.