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Hours to Set-up Time and Use

Use our flexible tools to customize any part of the user journey


Recipients schedule based on availability. Easy registration, triage, identification and signature collection via phone.

Testing At-Site & At-Home

No-contact easy Check-in process. Test kits are scanned directly into the system and sent to the lab.

Results Portal

Results sent directly to recipients via text message and mail. Full follow-up capabilities and archiving of results.

Insights & Surveillance

You get complete operational and longitude view of your testing organization. Complete with population health surveillance view.

Schedule and Register patients

Let your test recipients or staff schedule tests on the fly using any device with powerful tools like QR codes for easy scheduling, identification card scanning and digital signatures on the phone. Setup any schedule for your testing location with specific times, multiple test lanes per location and any geographical location.


Testing at-site and at-home

PreciseMDX is fully managed by mobile devices, removing the need for any technology setup on the test site. Scheduled or walk-in recipients check-in via self check-in tools or your team while at-home recipients use their phone for the entire process. Set triage questions and testing processes based on your own rules and guidelines. Kits are then scanned via the system and test orders submitted directly to your lab.


Result Portal

Once the results are ready, they are sent in real-time to the recipient through the result portal for fast.Results can be sent as text messages, email or phone calls. Recipients get the results in one click, while you review results of the entire population on the result portal administration tools.


Surveillance and Insights

PreciseMDX includes powerful tools to track test results over time, give alerts and let you control the entire tested population health through the results.


THE PreciseMDX Difference

Quick to setup

Simple to setup. PreciseMDX was built for Covid and contains all of what you need. Powered in the field by mobile devices, you don’t need any special technology setup, as our entire solution is up and running for you in our cloud.


Use our easy configuration tools to setup new test locations and processes in seconds, configure any questionnaires for the consumers and control how the consumer receives their results.


Relying on our cloud, our cost-saving technology and flexibility let us get you amazing savings in your testing cost. Cut spending on hardware, software development and customization and maintenance as we take care of it all.


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