Lab Business Management

The leading unified solution for maximizing your lab business success

The most comprehensive and agile enterprise solution for managing a multitude of diagnostic testing programs resulting in a highly profitable lab business, with higher income, more productive operations, enhanced data quality, and happy providers & patients.

Boost your profits

Maximize reimbursement success and speed while driving operational costs down across the board to make your business bottom line shine.

Optimize your operations

Minimize manual work needed for quality data curation, test workflow handling, and partner coordination by leveraging advanced automation, intelligent analytics, and unlimited adaptable digital processes.

Enhance data quality

Ensure best data quality right from the start by eliminating paper forms and utilizing automatic real-time data validation, including insurance eligibility and discovery, as well as automatic data correction.

Master your business control

Control what you care about in the lab and beyond, and implement business improvement plans with the help of analytics-driven smart dashboards and actionable insights.

Elevate provider experience & patient care

Provide the modern digital experience your providers & patients expect - frictionless and low-effort for your providers, and engaging, transparent, and available 24/7 on any device for your patients.

Connect with the ecosystem

Integrate quickly and effectively with all external partners and internal LIS systems to enable rich end-to-end order handling and routing processes.

End-to-End Unified Solution

A flexible solution for creating multiple customized test workflows and patient journeys.
An example of an end-to-end journey and how PreciseMDX enhances every step:

All you need for managing your lab business:

Business Success

Effective billing and higher revenue

Increase earned revenue and significantly reduce write-offs, as well as improve efficiency of revenue cycle and billing processes, based on accurate and complete data at the right time.

Improved business performance

Utilize actionable insights from smart dashboard to identify opportunities to improve business and to resolve issues and inefficiencies.

Modern, innovative, and competitive

Offer customers and prospects competitive and attractive testing programs, with modern digital experience utilizing innovative technologies.

Diagnostic Testing Management

Real-time data validation

Ensure accurate and complete data right from the start, from both the provider and patient, so test processes are efficient and billing is successful. And if data issues slip in, find them early and get them fixed automatically.

Insurance discovery and eligibility check

Make sure you are reimbursed for insurance-covered tests with automated insurance verification and discovery so claims are sent to the right place and denial rate drops to a minimum.

Any test at any location

Configure and support any diagnostic testing — such as women’s & men’s health, genetics, nutrition, parental & newborn, and periodic health screenings — performed in the lab, offsite, home, or retail location.

End-to-end specimen chain-of-custody

Manage and track specimens from registration and collection to results.

Digital Health Experience

Adaptable patient journeys

Tailor unlimited patient journeys and test workflows, with steps, transitions, and business logic, to ensure each testing program works best for your customers.

Paperless registration and electronic forms

Streamline the entire testing process with accurate electronic capture and storage of all order data, including forms data, consents, signatures, and uploaded documents.

Modern digital experience, on any device

Give your customers and patients the convenient digital experience they expect, including informative notifications and alerts about key steps in the testing process.

Business Agility

Multi-client and multiple testing programs

Manage all your clients in a single cloud-based system, each with its own testing programs, populations, journeys, and templates.

Multi-location, multi-system, and multi-lab operations

Employ any organizational configuration, including multiple internal labs, distributed locations, as well as various external reference labs and service partners. Easily self-configure any expansions and changes.

White labeling

Create a seamless brand experience with tailoring the white-label solution to your brand and adjusting each testing program to the customer’s brand.


Utilize out-of-the-box multi-language support to let you readily communicate with a broad range of patients.


Enterprise grade solution

Rely on a solution that will support all your lab needs, grow with your business and easily adapt to changes, and will provide your lab with a stable, secure, and value generating solution your lab needs to succeed.

Full ecosystem integration

Integrate easily and quickly with your LIMS/LIS (even if there are a few), EHRs, billing and revenue cycle systems, payment processors, insurance systems, self-test kit providers, shipping aggregators, and more.

Agile and flexible

Our flexible solution is designed to be used out-of-the-box or customized via self-administration of a rich set of parameters and configurations.

Scalable easily

Handle any testing volume, any number of different client types, and any variety of test types with robust self-configurability so you can scale quickly as your business grows.

Top-grade privacy and compliance

HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant, supports highest data privacy standards, such as PHI and GDPR, and designed to meet security standards by NIST.