Case Studies

Convergent Laboratories

Customer Profile

Convergent Diagnostic Laboratories is a large, multi-location full-service laboratory with an emphasis in molecular diagnostics, anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, and next gen sequencing headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Convergent pride itself in utilizing state-of-the-art laboratory technology, and affiliate with only the finest, accredited and experienced pathologists and microbiologists to provide its customers and patients with world class, professional laboratory service and support.

The Challenge

Convergent challenges included the following:

  • Operating in multiple locations, with different test capabilities in each. Routing tests between the locations required a lot of work and manual coordination.
  • High amount of paper orders from providers, causing a lot of lab staff work, as well as high data error rate.
  • A lot of manual follow ups due to missing information in submitted orders.
  • 3 different LIS systems, siloed and unconnected, with no companywide system-of-record.

The Solution

Convergent implemented PreciseMDX’s solution as the overall Lab Business Management Solution and as its system-of-record. The various LIS systems were all integrated with the solution. PreciseMDX drives all test workflows end-to-end, from order submission by providers to distribution of test results. Orders are automatically routed between the different locations based on the configured business rules. Using digital tools for order entry and processing, automatic data validation and curation is done early in the process, ensuring the data’s quality and accuracy to improve revenue cycle and reimbursement success.


  • Reduced order entry time from 10 min to 2 min.
  • Reduced manual follow ups by 50%.
  • Saved more than $100,000 monthly.
“The impact on our lab was extraordinary. We achieved a new level of operational efficiency and speed, and boosted our ability to optimize patient care”.

Marc Ingram


Convergent Laboratories