Best-in-class, Enterprise-grade Lab Business Management Software

Optimize operations and maximize business performance with the industry’s most advanced unified software designed for lab business management.

One-Stop-Shop for Lab Business Management

One product for everything you need to fully realize your lab’s business potential!

Workflow, Automation, and Agility

Powerful automation, driven by smart configurable business logic

  • Revenue Optimization
  • Unlimited, self-customizable end-to-end workflows
  • Configurable automation and business rules
  • Specimen chain-of-custody
  • Result handling & distribution, follow-ups logic, and escalation protocols
  • Automatic result notifications & alerts
  • Test routing based on automated business rules (multi-location and reference labs)


  • Increase revenue by improving billing success
  • Reduce costs via automating and optimizing operations
  • Support any test type and process
  • Control specimens from collection to analysis completion
  • Deliver timely and effective resulting
  • Keep providers and patients engaged
  • Manage test routing and requisition split & consolidation

AI Paperless Lab™

Efficient Paper-to-Digital Order Transformation with AI

  • Intelligent and accurate capturing of the right data from paper requisitions
  • Easy error identification and correction
  • Any source (faxes, emails, paper scans, mobile scans, EHR printouts, etc.)
  • Compliant outputs for seamless integrations


  • Accelerate requisition ingestion
  • Eliminate human entry error and boost accuracy
  • Improve patient safety

Order & Data Quality Management

Streamlined, data-quality-driven end-to-end order management

  • Omni-channel ordering (modern provider portal, 1-click EHR Connector™, EHR integration, and paper)
  • AI-powered paper order processing
  • Real-time validation of patient, clinical, and billing-related data
  • Robust insurance discovery and eligibility verification
  • Data correction, automatically and via auto-triggered digital engagements with patients and providers
  • All-digital order entry and submission process, with documents upload and e-signatures


  • Attract providers
  • Ensure highest data quality
  • Reduce labor cost for order handling via digitization and automation
  • Improve billing success chances and reduce denials
  • Correct discrepancies with minimal lab effort
  • Maximize process efficiency and accuracy

Lab Intelligence™

Business intelligence + Analytics + Data Visualization → Actionable Insights

  • Management dashboards
  • Operational dashboards
  • Actionable insights


  • Monitor business performance ongoingly
  • Boost operation processes’ efficiency
  • Maximize every customer’s potential
  • Identify improvement opportunities and drive business improvement

Digital Engagement and Consumerism

Best provider experience and digital patient care

  • Modern digital engagements via any device for providers, patients, and staff
  • Provider tools to easily manage their lab interactions
  • Patient’s Test Tracker™
  • Good Faith Estimator™


  • Offer a modern & engaging digital experience your providers and patients expect
  • Make it easy and frictionless for providers to submit orders
  • Provide patients transparency and information access


Industry standards and regulations support

  • Audit trail of requisition changes and actions, from start to finish
  • No Surprises Act federal law compliance
  • Industry regulations support: HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR and more


  • Control and protect sensitive information
  • Reduce incompliance risks

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