Diagnostic Testing Management

Boost lab testing and make patients happier with the best-in-class digital testing management solution

PreciseMDX Diagnostic Testing Management is the most comprehensive and agile solution for managing a variety of diagnostic testing programs while ensuring data quality, best patient & provider experience, and profitable operation.

Expand your offering; Attract new clients

Offer more testing programs to more clients with endless journey options. Easily tailor demo programs to impress new clients and win business.

Elevate patient experience

Provide the digital experience patients & providers expect and love, available 24/7 on any device (no download needed), with automatic update notifications, and built-in telehealth consultation.

Increase operational efficiency

Harness automation and digital process management to reduce your effort on each test, effectively saving you money while improving the service quality.

Enhance data quality

Eliminate paper forms and reduce manual actions for providing data, consents, and signatures, as well as for uploading health documents, to ensure better and more accurate data.

Get paid quicker

Maximize reimbursements amount and speed with insurance discovery and eligibility verifications, as well as high-quality patient and test data.

Connect with ecosystem partners

Interact and integrate with more partners through PreciseMDX broad ecosystem network.

All you need for digital diagnostic testing management:

Digital Health Experience

Adaptable patient journeys

Tailor unlimited patient journeys and workflows, with the relevant steps and transitions, to ensure each testing program works best for your customers.

Paperless registration and electronic forms

Utilize an all-digital process, in which all input from patients is provided accurately and stored electronically, including forms data, consents, signatures, and uploaded documents.

Modern digital experience, on any device

Provide your patients and customers with a modern and attractive digital experience, as they expect, including clear notifications and alerts about what matters to them in the testing process.

Telehealth consultation

Offer your patients a 1-click remote consultation via teleconferencing with relevant professionals right from within the product.

Diagnostic Testing Management

Any test at any location

Configure and support any diagnostic testing, such as women & men health, genetics, nutrition, parental & newborn, periodic health screening, etc., whether done in the lab, offsite, at-home, or at a retail location.

End-to-end specimen management

Specimen chain-of-custody management from registration to results.

Insurance discovery and eligibility check

Ensure you get paid for insurance-covered tests by automatically finding and validating the insurance associated with a test so billing claims will be sent to the right place.

Business Agility

Multi-client and multiple testing programs

Manage all your clients in a single cloud-based system, each with its own testing programs, populations, journeys, and templates.

White labeling

Create a seamless brand experience through the white-labeling to your own brand, as well as customize specific testing programs to your customer’s brand.


With out-of-the-box multi-language support, patients will always be comfortable with your communication with them.


Full ecosystem integration

Easy and adaptable integration with your LIMS/LIS and all other ecosystem parties, including RCM services (Revenue Cycle Management), billing systems, payment processors, insurance systems, self-test kits providers, shipping aggregators, and EHRs.

Agile and flexible

Although the solution is usable out-of-the-box, it’s designed to offer you extra flexibility and agility via self-administration of a rich set of parameters and configurations.

Always available on any device with NO download

Easily accessible via links and QR code scanning, the solution requires no download and is available on any browser-enabled device of patients and users, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Top-grade privacy and data protection

Fully HIPAA compliant and designed with top security standards.

How it Works

A flexible solution for creating multiple customized patient journeys.
An example of how an end-to-end journey might look:


Tells patients
they need a test


Scans QR code &
begins journey


Notified patient
journey started


Enters information
signs consent


Specimen collection with
customized test kit
Self-collected and
mailed back to lab


Reviews order


Receives and
processes specimen
Bills insurance


Receives results


Receives results