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Ditching Paper for Digital: How Freedom Medical Group Made the Change Seamlessly and Successfully

Customer Profile: Freedom Medical Group

An industry leader in innovation and modernization, Freedom Medical Group (FMG) provides healthcare organizations—including hospitals, clinics, testing sites, and federally qualified health centers—with:

  • Advanced molecular diagnostic solutions
  • Data and vaccine management
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Data storage

With a client-centric approach, the company is committed to using digital health solutions that offer the highest standards of service, scalability, compliance, and affordability.

The Challenge: Derailed by a Paper Trail

In early 2021, FMG began searching for a partner that could help transform its diagnostic testing solutions and offerings. At the time, the company was experiencing significant delays in lab turnaround times due to a manual, paper-based system and workflows.

“We knew there had to be a better way to approach diagnostic testing operations,” said Dr. Michael Schlachter, CEO of FMG. “Just because lab processes have always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s the right way. We wanted an innovative partner with a similar mindset—and with a proven ability to help modernize traditional processes.”

PreciseMDX is a digital health platform that automates the diagnostic testing process to increase efficiency, accuracy, and the patient experience. The platform’s user-friendly and efficient interface streamlines the lab testing process, from appointment scheduling, to test tracking, to cost transparency, to data and results.

“When we started our search, we weren’t even sure if an organization like PreciseMDX even existed,” Schlachter said. “They were exactly what we needed and offered more than we had hoped for.”

The Solution: An Industry-Leading Digital Platform That Enhances Efficiency and Supports Growth

Following the partnership’s kickoff in August 2021, PreciseMDX worked closely with the organization to develop completely custom features in support of its goals. It also facilitated seamless integration with FMG’s existing billing software and laboratory information management (LIM) system. In less than one month, FMG’s laboratories instance was up and running.

While the relationship with PreciseMDX launched on a limited scale, the solutions offered by PreciseMDX were so powerful that FMG quickly expanded the partnership.

PreciseMDX now provides a turnkey solution for all of FMG’s testing needs, playing a key role in the expansion of FMG’s customer base to include event arenas, employers, and correctional facilities.

“We now run all of our lab services through PreciseMDX,” said Schlachter. “It’s incredibly easy to work with them to add new tests and features as we grow and expand our reach.”


By partnering with PreciseMDX, Freedom Medical Group was able to drive enterprise- wide savings, including

  • Reducing the cost of each lab test by 5%
“PreciseMDX has transformed our lab and brought us into the future. We now have a clear differentiator in the market.”

Dr. Michael Schlachter


Freedom Medical Group

No More Surprises

PreciseMDX provides cost and good faith estimates for diagnostic testing services that help organizations like Freedom Medical Group easily adhere to the No Surprises Act regulations. These on-demand estimates, which are always accessible to patients and providers prior to receiving services, also enhance satisfaction because patients aren’t caught off guard by unexpected medical bills.