PCR & Antigen Testing Management

Handle high-volume diagnostic testing with efficiency, precision, and a great patient experience

PreciseMDX PCR & Antigen Testing Management is a complete digital health solution. Its flexible design and automation make it easy to manage multiple high-volume diagnostic testing programs, such as COVID-19 testing.

Grow lab business

Labs that use the most advanced lab management software get more business with less work. It’s that simple. Our platform enables any size and type of lab to offer flexible services with a great experience to more clients, attracting companies, schools, government organizations, and individuals alike.

Scale up operations

The solution automatically takes care of all patient engagement interactions end-to-end – from registration to results communication – to allow labs to focus on significantly scaling up their test operations.

Lower operational costs and raise profitability

More digital processes and more automation yield high process efficiency, which drive down the cost-per-test and effectively drive up your profitability.

Boost client & patient satisfaction

Our solution offers ordering providers and their patients an engaging digital experience with immediate access to the entire testing process from any device. The on-demand service will delight users and build a loyal customer base. keep them coming back.

A complete digital process for PCR & Antigen testing management:

Digital-Powered Process

Unlimited customizable patient journeys

Labs define the patient journey for each testing program, including media-rich message templates.

Paperless easy-to-use registration and consent forms

Patients can digitally register from any device in less than a minute. And our customizable, secured electronic forms make providing consent and signatures fast and easy.

Engaging digital patient communication

Patients receive automatic test results and other notifications throughout their journey. You can customize and brand messages, including images and videos, to ensure clear and engaging communication.

Built-in telehealth for consultation and remote proctoring

Our built-in telehealth video/audio conferencing feature can be used to let patients request a professional consultation or enable remote proctoring.

Testing Management

All locations and COVID-19 test types

Your lab can now offer testing processes for both rapid antigen and PCR tests at any location—including the lab, customer facilities, homes, retail locations, and more.

Chain-of-custody management

Ensure end-to-end specimen chain-of-custody—from registration to results.

Escalation protocol for test-positives

Automatic escalation of antigen-positive cases to PCR verification.

Insurance discovery and eligibility check

Ensure reimbursement for insurance-covered tests with automated insurance identification and validation so billing claims are sent to the right place.

Business Agility

Multi-client and multiple testing programs

Use a single system for all consumer and business clients, and define multiple testing programs that each have defined journey, rules, and templates.

White labeling

Customize the solution to your brand and/or to multiple client brands.


Out-of-the-box multi-language support lets you readily communicate with a broad range of patients.


Full ecosystem integration

Get easy and adaptable integration with your LIMS/LIS, EHRs, billing and revenue cycle systems, payment processors, insurance systems, self-test kit providers, shipping aggregators, and more.

Scale quickly

Our platform is designed to handle any testing volume and any number of different client types, with the ability to scale quickly as your business grows.

Any device, any time, no download

Easily accessible via links and QR codes without requiring download, our solution is available on any browser-enabled device, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Top-grade privacy and data protection

Fully HIPAA compliant and designed to meet or exceed all security standards.