Collaboration of digital health platform and clinical staff provides seamless testing capabilities for healthcare providers, employers and event organizers

PALO ALTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 16, 2021 / PreciseMDX, a leader in transformative digital health experiences, and Freedom Medical Group, a proven national service and equipment supplier, today announced a strategic partnership that will provide seamless on-site and remote testing for healthcare providers, employers and event organizers. Through this collaboration, PreciseMDX will provide the digital health platform for patients to easily track and access lab results while Freedom Medical Group provides the clinical staff for organizations and enterprises to facilitate testing.

“We have selected the Freedom Medical Group and PreciseMDX solution for required COVID-19 testing of employees to support our goal to provide safe, trusted and ready healthcare services to the communities we serve. We are further evaluating the potential to expand services to include testing at our corporate office locations,” said Shane Donahoe, vice president, process and performance improvement, Acute Care Division, Universal Health Services.

As more employees are returning to work for either a hybrid or full-time in-office experience, the need for on-site/remote testing has increased to ensure a COVID-19-safe environment. Additionally, more sporting, tradeshow, entertainment and other large events are opening up, creating a need for easily accessible COVID-19 testing. PreciseMDX recently launched digitally managed shipping kits for at-home or on-site diagnostic tests, which provides patients with full transparency of the diagnostic testing process from start to finish. With PreciseMDX, patients, labs, and providers are all connected to each test so that results can be accessed efficiently.

“Our goal is to help employers and their employees maintain an in-person working environment or allow those who had been working remotely to return to work, in both a safe and efficient way,” said Mark Dorner, co-founder and chief executive officer of PreciseMDX. “We are excited to partner with Freedom Medical Group to not only help employers, but those overseeing large sporting and entertainment events throughout the country, create the most effective diagnostic testing experience on the market.”

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with PreciseMDX which brings together the strength of digital health software and our clinical expertise,” said Dr Michael Schlachter, CEO of Freedom Medical Group. “Together, we aim to help employers bring their workers back to an in-office environment as well as offer national event organizers the technology that will allow them to safely open up their venues to large audiences.”

PreciseMDX’s platform was designed and built following the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) security framework to support HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and other international standards. The software is multi-lingual and can seamlessly integrate with multiple systems and third parties, including EPIC and other hospital EMRs, lab information systems, fulfillment companies, billing platforms, as well as airport, civil and government systems.

About PreciseMDX:

PreciseMDX empowers labs to deliver a transformative digital health experience that providers and patients expect. Much more than a portal, the PreciseMDX platform creates an end-to-end digital health ecosystem that automates and simplifies every step of the diagnostic testing experience, leveraging the ubiquitous power and convenience of mobile device technology. PreciseMDX brings more than 20 years of digital transformation know-how from prior roles in healthcare, government, and other industries to solve customers’ biggest data management and patient engagement needs. Founded in 2020, the Silicon Valley-based company works with customers worldwide including the United States, Switzerland and Canada. For more information, visit

About Freedom Medical Group:

Freedom Medical Group (FMG) with its team of experienced medical professionals provide advanced molecular testing and have been at the forefront of servicing its clients with COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and antibody testing solutions during the pandemic. FMG and its partners provide testing platforms with data and vaccine management, compliance monitoring, reporting, data storage and advanced molecular solutions. With a client-centric approach, FMG utilizes digital health solutions that offer the highest standards of service, scalability, compliance and affordability. For more information, visit

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