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Unlocking Next-Generation Laboratory Testing & Diagnostics

Customer Profile: Vanguard Laboratories

Seeking to upend the stodgy clinical laboratory process with a patient-friendly, tech-savvy approach, Vanguard Laboratories is spearheading digital transformation within the industry. The rapidly growing lab is redefining the transparency and accessibility of clinical diagnostics and lab results through its partnership with PreciseMDX, which offers a three-pronged emphasis on:

  • Unparalleled efficiency
  • Unwavering accuracy
  • Tech-enabled data fluency

Vanguard swiftly and accurately processes the entire range of diagnostic tests and displays the results in a user-friendly way to elevate the standard of care for patients and unlock endless real-world use cases for other end users.

Currently servicing:

Long-term Care Facilities

Doctors Offices



The Challenge: An Outdated Industry

Vanguard Laboratories was founded with the goal of injecting transparency and accessibility into clinical laboratory testing, which is notorious for lengthy waiting periods and data-heavy results that are indecipherable to non-clinicians. They also digitize and automate manual, paper-based processes.

These outdated systems limit the real world application of laboratory and diagnostic testing and preclude local and state officers and other testing agents from acting on clinical data and readings. To meet the needs of its growing client base, Vanguard Laboratories needed to find a technology partner capable of providing a user-friendly and efficient interface that streamlines the process from ordering to resulting.

The Solution: An Industry-Leading Transparent Diagnostic Platform

PreciseMDX’s completely customizable platform provided Vanguard with the technical agility necessary to execute on its vision for a cohesive PCR, laboratory, and diagnostic testing operations experience.

In less than a month, PreciseMDX had Vanguard Laboratories’ instance up and running. Within two months of the project’s kick-off, PreciseMDX had seamlessly integrated the lab’s existing billing software and laboratory information management (LIM) system, a huge benefit of enhanced transparency and efficiency for Vanguard customers.

The partnership enables Vanguard to offer a turnkey solution for all testing needs, and to easily scale to become a full service laboratory. PreciseMDX’s technology positions the lab to expand into both toxicology screenings and blood sample testing and empowers it to achieve its mission: offering all of its users an unparalleled and expanded ecosystem for quick, quality, and actionable results in real time.


Vanguard Laboratories’ partnership with PreciseMDX drove:

  • 500% growth in client business over last 12 months
  • Cut collection process time by 50%
"When you glance at PreciseMDX’s software, you can immediately understand what the data is saying. This is revolutionary in our field – all other systems just share a bunch of data and results. Most people cannot interpret these readings if they’re not trained."

Nathan Keele

CEO & Founder

Vanguard Laboratories

Unlocking New Business: Supporting Safer Travels

Empowered by PreciseMDX’s digital health platform, Vanguard Laboratories plans to provide a new saliva-based toxicology test that police officers can administer in the field to instantly determine intoxication levels.

These tests will broaden law enforcement’s ability to administer substance tests in real time and expand their current in-field capability from alcohol testing to full drug and toxicology screenings. These rapid field tests provide immediate results, which officers can then send for confirmation testing, if needed. Vanguard Laboratories is currently pursuing CLIA certification, and will begin offering private pilot programs with approved states, judges, and attorneys.